Unwrapping The Mind-Body Connection

Can you do me a favor?

Imagine for a second you get a call from a close relative… You answer the phone and they seem to be having a hard time speaking. Something is obviously wrong, they are upset and you don’t know why. You ask “what’s wrong?” but no response is given. Then you ask again, and again…they can’t seem to get it out.

Your anticipation for this dramatic moment is growing stronger and stronger until you now must know! Then they say it… a direct family member passed away…You are crushed. Your eyes swell up, you go into a panic of extreme desperation and loss. You lose control over your body and emotions entirely. In your mind, your universe has been completely turned upside down in a paralyzing way…

Now, we all know something like this would have devastating consequences in any of our lives; consequences of extreme physical, spiritual, and emotional reactions that could possibly leave us unable to go on on living. However in this example, nothing physically happened to you. You didn’t witness anything, you didn’t feel any direct pain, you really aren’t absolutely certain this idea is true. You were only told a terrible idea, which was convincing enough for you to believe. However, the outcome it has on you is more or less the same, devastating.

What we believe has an enormous effect on our lives in every way imaginable. This belief has the power to build or destroy anything we think of or feel. My question to you is…if such a negative belief can have such a negative effect on our universe, can a positive belief do the same?

The mind is a powerful part of the body, what we choose to believe more than often tends to become our realities. As Confucius said “Those who say they can and those who say they can’t; are both usually right” Whether it’s true or not isn’t always as black or white as the example above but it leads us to a point that we don’t always consciously know; the trauma of what happens in our lives directly effects the entirety of our being.

With that fact in mind I ask, is it possible for the opposite effect to be realized? If we plant seeds of positivity like love, passion, and self-acceptance into our lives in a habitual way, we can start to witness the positive dividends in not only our physical being but our spirit, emotions, and loved ones lives. Sounds like a win-win to me! Ying-n-Yang baby!

The key to a thriving mind body connection is first the realization of its power and how we may utilize this universal truth to our benefit. Only then can we make a conscious decision to build positive momentum or negative momentum in hopes to truly understand this incomprehensible truth.

It may not always be so easy to grasp, but it is always there for the taking. So lets start the day with positive power, lets start the day with a smile for goodness sakes =)

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