The Benefits of Absorb Plus

We’ve all tried a million protein shakes which at times, seemingly made Crohn’s and Colitis worse! Time and time again, the universe proves you can’t put health in a bottle…

One Crohn’s/Colitis warrior might have come up with the closest recipe yet to a healing nutritionist shake. Jini Patel Thompson, founder of ListenToYourGut, created a meal replacement shake with the sole purpose of reversing symptoms from IBD.

Absorb Plus might be the answer to our inability to eat whole foods during a flare or even as a way to maintain our good health without negative effects. Absorb Plus is a predigested elemental mixture  that allows for quick and effective absorption without causing an inflammatory response like most foods or shakes on the market. This shake is Gluten Free, Soy Free, 99% Casein/Lactose Free and has no artificial flavors or sweeteners. Not only can it be instrumental in the healing process but many have reported they have been able to gain up to 40 lbs of lean weight using Absorb Plus! Both Jini, Dane and thousands of others have utilized Absorb Plus successfully to reduce flares, add a quick alternative meal, increase options while traveling and sustain energy through life’s stressful times.

The Facts

        Absorb Plus is a great resource for getting all the nutrition you need while keeping your stomach at ease – this healing shake is able to enter the bloodstream within 15-20 minutes because of its predigested nature. This is especially important for us with compromised digestion.

It’s gluten free, lectin free, non-GMO, high in vitamins/minerals, complete profile of amino acids, and extremely carbohydrate dense. The density of carbs comes from Tapioca (cassava root) Maltodextrin which provides the fuel we desperately need to regain energy and weight.

Although Maltodextrin has faced some negative publicity, it is the safest and most effective way to increase weight/energy without a negative side effect for us with IBD. Absorb Plus is also made with Whey Isolate which many of us have been worried about – as we know Diary is a “STOP SIGN” for most.

The Whey Isolate found in Absorb Plus is a form of Whey which has had the Casein and Lactose removed – the sugar and protein component that many of us are unable to digest in milk. Due to this procedure and the quality of whey isolate utilized (cold-extracted), it is highly unlikely you will have negative effects from Absorb Plus. Unless you have an extreme allergy to dairy – this should be an effective substitute to gain weight, add complete amino acid profile and eliminate inflammatory responses.

If you absolutely cannot tolerate dairy, there are Vegan Kits you can buy to mix together your own shakes and Jini is currently formulating a vegan version of Absorb Plus.

Jini decided not to put any kinds of fats in the Absorb Plus due to the hardships many of us face digesting fats. Rest assured if you have any issues with digesting fats this product is free of any – we recommend adding Cold Pressed Udo’s Oil to this healing shake once you feel you can absorb fats. This plant based omega is extremely gentle and nourishing.

Absorb Plus is an healing shake that surprisingly has a great taste – we love the Berry Fusion & Chocolate most 😉 It comes in six different flavors –  French Vanilla, Unsweetened Vanilla (cleanest version), Chocolate Royale, Berry Fusion, Simply Vanilla, and Simply Chocolate. There really is something for everyone and perfect flavors for mixing in different ingredients for smoothies!

Nutritional Benefits

So we briefly touched on the nutritional benefits above but let’s dig a bit deeper…

When in a flare eating “normal foods” can sound absolutely terrible. Depending on how severe the flare is you might be staying away from non-liquid foods altogether. Your body needs roughly 2,000 calories a day to stay healthy and functioning. Your personalized S.H.I.E.L.D plan will contain many options including diet, supplements, herbs and so forth… Absorb Plus is part of a strong healing program but it’s not the whole kit and caboodle 😉 .

Each flavor has between 360-370 calories per serving and it’s recommended that you add ingredients yourself to the shake, so roughly you only need about 4 shakes a day to meet your calories depending on the ingredients you include.  These shakes have all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrition you need to keep your body happy and healthy during a flare – if you’re considering a full elemental diet, we recommend you work with your health care practitioner.

If you just have increased symptoms, or like to keep a consistent breakfast, this is also a great option to start your day with something easy and safe.


If you are using Absorb Plus as your tool for an elemental liquid diet, expect more loose a liquid bowel movements. This is not necessarily a bad reaction, this is still very healing for your body but when consuming nothing but liquids, be sure you understand what to expect 🙂 Any signs of Diarrhea or watery stools will decrease as you add more solids into your diet and healing is accomplished.

Absorb Plus is made to the highest quality which takes a few extra bucks to make, expect each tub to cost roughly $67 with a free tub when 6 or more are bought. We recommend getting more upfront so that you do not have days where you have run out. Many of Dane’s clients have run into this problem when this shake was the most helpful part of their program – don’t make this mistake if you’re relying on Absorb for getting you past a flare, especially if you live outside of North America.

Shipping and Handling can be very expensive outside of the U.S. & Canada. We recommend you have it shipped to a family member who can then ship to you if you are in Asia, Africa, China, etc… Absorb plus is not yet sold in stores or manufactured worldwide due to the complexity of their product (42 different ingredients!). Distributing a quality product around the world is a problem in today’s market.

Recipes for Success

So you have the powder and a blender and you’re ready to add in other ingredients! Remember, we recommend you try just the shake, then with Udo’s oil, then slowly add in other foods into the shake to assure your bodies ability to properly digest.  As far as what is easy on the body, Dane has made a YouTube video demonstrating a variety of foods you can add to your shakes HERE. A few key ingredients that are easy on the stomach are avocados and bananas. He also provides some great information about how different foods benefit the body and why.

Making the shakes may be a bit of a trial and error process for some. When trying out the shakes make sure to keep positive mind set when trying new recipes. A healing mindset and focusing on solution rather than current adversities is the true key to healing. There is no magic turn-key system for everyone in the world so take your time, be patient and work hard!  


Here are some key take away points from this blog for your reference:

Benefits of Absorb Plus:
  • Specifically formulated for IBD
  • Predigested (Elemental Diet Certified)
  • No Artificial Flavors or Sweeteners
  • Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, 99% Casein/Lactose-Free (safe whey isolate used)
  • Increase Absorption (20 minutes into Blood Stream)
  • No Oil (Perfect for those with a fat intolerance)
  • Gain Muscle Weight
  • Effective for those in Critical Condition
(Consult health care physician for personalized protocol)
Risks of Protein Shakes: 
  • Hidden Irritants causing inflammation
  • Not very digestible for IBD
  • Increase in Diarrhea, Cramping, Bloating (Even Organic/Vegan)
  • High Cost, Low Actual Value For You
  • Increased Systemic Immune System Reaction
  • Increase Sensitivity to Food
Lowering Risk of Protein Powders
  • Take Independently until comfortable with reaction
  • If Whey Protein – only use Whey Isolate certified by professional
  • Vegan must be Sprouted, (pea/rice protein)
  • Do not take with Whole Food Meal
  • Mix with Room Temperature Filtered Water
There are clear benefits of using the right Healing Shake for dealing with IBD. It can be an extremely powerful tool when used properly. I highly recommend you work with a Health Care Practitioner to build your protocol.
My gut tells me you going to see great results!

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