3 Keys to Success

Its 3 AM and I’m up once again with severe stomach pain, cold sweats, and hardly the energy to put a thought together. I know this story all too well…

Year after year, I failed to find results battling Crohns/Colitis. The only thing I could seem to control was whether or not I would allow myself to fall into a deep depression.

My health was seemingly always in a downward spiral no matter the diet, drugs, or amount of money invested. Hard to stay positive with a reality like that…

I finally found refuge in reading a few stories of natural healing such as – Jordan Rubin “A Maker’s Diet”. After many months contemplating if I too could succeed where many others had, I finally made a decision in my heart that I to would do whatever it took to take back my life and heal myself. Years later, I finally made a deep decision; a decision to completely own my life and the cards I had been dealt. That decision to become my own best doctor and take responsibility for my sickness . However it was the first key to my success – Become Your Own Best Doctor!

I decided to dedicate every part of my life to my recovery. Every part of my day was based on how it affected my health and what my body needed. Using tools like My Daily Journal, and S.H.I.E.L.D. I started to experience new effects. It was like I was starting to dance in the boxing ring, so-to- speak. I wasn’t getting knocked out by a right hook as much anymore, I had finally learned how to duck!

The second key to success I learned was – The Greatest Energy Always Prevails. Everything emits positive or negative energy. Whether it was a phone call, a movie, a meal, sleeping habits, hangouts, friendship. Everything had the ability to either help my process or hurt it. I found that it was important for me to be open to experiencing things that I believed I could make positive such as spending time with friends, going to the beach, going for a walk, even night life… These events were potentially dangerous but I learned how to create a positive experience in these environments.

The third key to success was Health and Happiness – You Cannot Have One Without The Other! I lived in anger for many years, the fear of being rejected by the world, resentful of being the victim of life and a burden on my loved ones. It was only when I let go of my pain and fear I was able to experience new possibilities!

So there you have it – some food for thought on how to make the seemingly unattainable, attainable. There were many key’s to my success but I found these three relevant in my transition towards personal empowerment. Some keys to success may be talked about but all must be experienced first hand to truly understand the magnitude of their power.

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